Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mid life crisis for my one and only best friend

So late this summer...my husband noticed this bike...on main street..and was soon intrigued to find out just how much it was....coming to find out how much it was and telling me about it..I said no...so a couple of weeks went on..and soon there was a picture of this bike in our bedroom closet and a game plan to soon buy this bike...well not much latter...we were coming back form a date and he says..you know lets see check up on that bike...and me wanting to disregard that comment..and keep going was not herd...he stopped and got out and started chating with the sales man...Next he jumps in the car and says the bike is sold..we just bought it...and I was like What!!!!..and he said it was a stealer deal..he just gave me..I could not refuse...so there you have it...He now has this night rod bike that he gets to store in the garage for half the year until he can ride it...I so can see the fun in that...But it does make him happy..and he is trying to encourage me to take a long bike ride with him...we went to the mall and back one day..and my tooshey was quite soar...No thanks...not up for a long ride...So Next in line he needs a good buddy to go riding with him...in the near future...any one up for a drive?....And so this is how my husband fixes his I'm getting old...I need a new adventure Fun!!!! Love ya darling!!!

Family Photos

Jesse and I wanted to get the good fall leave colors for our family pictrurs this year..so we took our camera and went to this place here in billings called riverfront park..and we brought our tri pod to hold our camera for us..so we could take our family photos...I think for not having interaction with someone else..telling our kids to say cheese...we did a pretty good job...It was fun..and a beautiful day to do it on as well...Enjoy our family photos

This is one of my favorite pictures..because it captures our fun that we have with each other...he is my best friend always..

This family pic was taken closer to the end of our picture taking advent..and melanie was starting to not want to do anymore...so this was our last pic to take...lol

Our fun and enjoyable kids...they were more interested in wanting to go and pick up pall the leaves and play in them..then to say cheese...but I think they did a great job and participating in the family photos...Love my family dearly.

We took more pictures as well..but these were perfect for sharing...

Halloween Fun

So this is our lovely pumpkin that gave us first place in our ward pumpkin decorating contest...every one loved this idea...Of Course I got the idea from google...You've got to love the internet right...

This year costume idea was to be things from a garden...So My children were dressed as a bumble bee a dragon fly and a butterfly and then there is the black spider..they loved dressing up in these costumes that I put together by making things here and there...though I did not make the bumble bee costume...one of my friends handed that down to us from her daughter last year..so it worked out great for our little Halloween theme

So to put it all together I made jesse and I out to be the Garden Gnomes...my husband was a sport for where this costume for sure...we had fun this happy halloween...and enjoyed our trunk or treat ward family party.. Fun times for sure

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lagoon Family Photo

On of the things on our list was to go and get our family photo done over in pioneer village.....so we headed over there..and started to dress up...at first the logan wasn't so thrilled about it...until they said he could hold a gun and be a sheriff...then he was all game....I wanted us to be all out laws...so that is what we were...and this is the out come of that....we also took some funny ones..and smiling ones...But this is the only one that everyone is looking at the camera...the funny one was hilarious but mercedi back of her head was all you could see of her...but it was funny..All the kids got into character....and had lots of fun doing it...I love the looks of the girls in the photos..they crack me up...very mean looking they are...

3rd part of our family vacation

Well the third thing that we decided to do....was to take the kids to lagoon....they have never been there...and we really wanted to share that with them....so we woke up and got ready to go....It was the perfect day to go as well...it was cloudy and the sun was not hot..and it even drizzled on us a time or to as well....So we got there and hour before it opened so that we could be ready to go....The first ride the kids went on was a spooky one...and they were ready to try it out...at first they didn't really want to go to lagoon...but as soon as they saw the rides and things..they started to get really excited....They all enjoyed a lot of the rides...and some not so much....logan and mikayla did not like the roller coasters and it was the funniest thing to see logans face on them...he had the look of death..and I was laughing so hard watching him...it was great family fun..and the kids enjoyed it all...we also went to the lagoon beach part as well..but didn't take any pictures...Melanie loved that part..she got to swim..and that was her most favorite thing to do there...sense she didn't get to ride..because we didn't think she would want to so we didn't buy her a ticket...so next time we go..she will get to ride too..

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2nd part of our trip in Salt lake city

The next day...we went to the vistor center there at the salt lake temple...it was just beautiful....jesse and I have seen it before..but the kids have not...so we really wanted to take them there...and they thought it was so neat...we had jesse sister and there family there as well with us..and his mom too...we walked around and enjoyed looking at all the wonderful things there...though...it was so hot..that we tried looking for shady spots to rest in ...when we could...that felt good...lol...And again there are so many pics that I made another smile box creation....watch and enjoy

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Hogle zoo in Salt lake 2011

We decided to take are family vacation this year to salt lake city and too see family in layton...it was a blast to see everyone and enjoy our time together...Our first little get together was at the Hogel zoo there in salt lake....and let me tell you it was super hot that day...we were roasting...but it was fun...there are so many pics...that I put it together with a smile box slide show.....so enjoy...

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Father's Day!!!! 2011

It's that time again..to let the men in our lives know how lucky we are to have them as husbands and fathers and dad's... I looked up when fathers day began...and how it was started...It first began back in 1908 on July 5th by Mrs grace golden...who wanted to remember those fathers who had just passed away a couple of months a go in a mining disaster that killed 200 fathers...after much debate with three presidents to go through...fathers day was finally established by Nixon in 1972...and would be the third Sunday of June... every year...the only reason it was finally acknowledge was because of the lady who made mothers day...said it was unfair to celebrate mothers day and not fathers day as well...so it was made a holiday...so now for fathers day...it is usually spent with a special dinner for dad...or and outing with the family....The most common gifts are ties and office supplies...Also the most collect calls are made on fathers day ...out of the whole year...that was a surprise to know that....So for us to celebrate fathers day...we made a breakfast try for dad...but with out the breakfast...he was fasting...and we decorated it up for him..and the kids were supper excited about giving there gifts to dad....we went to church..and then came home and had a wonderful dinner...with all the trimmings..and good cream hearsay pie....yum...he had a wonderful fathers day...and loved all of his gifts...He is a special man...and a Wonderful father...He does so much for our family and gives his all...we love him very much...Your the best Honey pie.

This is the Kids Wonderful Father....And my hunk of Love!!!!

Fathers day clock project

So fathers day was coming up and I thought I should be crafty and make something up...so I got this idea to make a fathers day clock for jesse to take to work with him so he can have it...So I first bought a white canvas its and 8x10 size..

next...I found a old clock we had and took it apart..so that I could have the clock hands and battery

Next I modge pod the paper and picture on the canvas and then I punched a whole into the middle of the picture and the canvas....so that I could paste the clock on there...sense the canvas is so thin I hot glued the clock part to the back so it would stay still in place...

Next I set the battery in and cut out words to place on the front using my cricket machine....Very fun and easy project to do ...

Here is the finished project...it worked out great...I loved it...now to see if he loves it as well...Also I had the kids sign and write something on the back of the clock..so he could see and read it at work as well...they loved doing this...

Friday, June 3, 2011

The coupon lady at work!!!

So on Sunday night...there are lots of papers dumped in to the recycling garbage can...by the spray park down the street from us.......So I like to go at night time and get as many coupons as I can...so that I can buy lots of something for a great price...so I use to put the girls in the garbage can...because they were light and I could help them get out..but they didn't look very fast and they weren't sure what they were suppose to look at..and then we would wast to much time...so On my next visit...to the recycling bin..I took my husband with me..so he could help me in and help me back out....the night that we went...it was so cold and raining out side...so while I was in the garbage ..I was getting dripped on by the rain..it was not that much fun...plus it's dark out side..so you have to have a handy flash light so you can see what your looking for....my worst fear about being in there..is something hiding out waiting to bite me...yikes..that would not be fun...lol...any way.....Jesse thought it would be nice to take my pic..and post it on Facebook so all our friends and family could see what his dear wife is doing these days...lol...So here I am next...Telling all about my new adventures...in this ex-stream couponing...Just to save a extra couple of bucks..when I'm out shopping...lol..So enjoy you peek in to my lovely life...as a busy wife and mom...

Sugar Scrubs...... for Teachers!!!!!

So this year as the girls were getting out of school...I remembered that I should probably make a gift for there teachers to let them know how appreciative I was for them doing all that hard work...so as I was looking around I found some great ideas..and one of them being that I chose to make was this sugar scrub.....This is something that I could make that was simple and easy and wouldn't take that long to make and could be done in a day...and I also had all the supplies ready to make them...so I made one brown sugar vanilla scrub and one lemon lime scrub...they are simple and easy to make....You take two and half cups of white granulated sugar and then one cup of extra virgin olive oil... and then you add you flavoring...of your choice...like brown sugar..and vanilla extract and then lemon and lime juice..and then if you have scented oils for soaps and such you can make that as well..So after you mix it all together in a mixer until it's all nice and scrub like..you just put it in a jar of some sort that you can decorate up how ever you choose..I found all my supplies at the dollar store...very cheep...and inexpensive to give as a gift...after I put them together I made a card for each teacher and had the girls write a letter to them...thanking them and there thoughts about there teacher...they loved it...and so did the teachers....Fun Gift to make..

Here are the two flavors and I just printed up a tag for them..and then modpodge them on there..

This is the sides and back of how I decorated the jars....just with stickers !!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Family Fire Pit!!!!!

The Wonderful Family Fire Pit....

So for a While now...we have wanted to have our very own cool fire pit in the backyard...and we have seen many at the stores and such..but none that was big enough or that caught our eye...so as we were thinking about what we wanted to do with the back yard and renovating it...we thought hey you know...we could use those extra bricks and make a sweet fire pit with them..and we had the gravel and already a huge spot to put it...where we tour out a huge pine tree last year when we bought the house...so today on a not to cold or hot day..we got to work making our family fire pit..and the kids helped out....we use the old play house for our wood..and to celebrate our family fire pit we roasted smores...which was a lot of fun for the kids...though koby our dog..did not like the fire as much...he tried to stay far away from it....good dog I though....lol....Mercedi she was sure to try to stay away too..she doesn't like the smoke much...don't blame here though..it is hard to breath that stuff in....lol....Melanie she saw that everyone was making the smores..and she wanted one as well...but I didn't roast her marshmallow...I just made it all up for her..and handed it to her and she took a big bite..and then pulled this funny face..and started pulling the smore apart...and then she got down to the chocolate and she was happy with that...she only wanted that chocolate....What can I say a girl after my own heart...I would skip to the chocolate as well....So after much roasting marshmallows..the kids all went inside..and I got to just sit out side..next to the coals burning...with the nice breeze out side and just quietness...I could of fallen to sleep..it was just so relaxing..and I could smell the wood burning and it just felt like I was out in the woods...day dreaming...wonderful thing for sure...So it just goes to show you don't have to go to far away for a nice fire in the back yard....We are all happy to have this new addition to our back yard fun!!!

The kids getting ready to do some roasting....

Mercedi is taking our picture...and we are smelling that good old smoke that follows beauty right??????

Me and melanie just chilling!!!!

Mercedi....biting in for a good bite....so does that taste good or what???

Family having fun....roasting up some good yummy smores!!!!

Our good and faithful dog.Koby ..who is not fond of the Fire...lol

Extsream Couponing!!!!!

So on Saturday...Jesse and I was watching a show on TLC....and it was called ex stream couponing...and we thought hmmmm..what is this...and as we were watching we started thinking...why in all the world..did we not know about this...and what was taking place was, people are going through the papers and getting coupons..and then saving them and as they collect lots of coupons, they watch for adds in the paper for things to go on sale and on clearance and then you use your coupons and you end up getting things for free...At the end of there total they were spending up to a thousand dollars but after all there coupons..they would walk out of the store only paying a couple of bucks....talk about crazy...so I thought we should try doing this couponing thing, so the next day we went out and got some newspapers and found sites on the internet of place for coupons and also going to the recycling center and getting coupons as well...so for my first coupon shopping..I went to Walgreen..and guess what..I ended up spending around 11 dollars for all my stuff..and walked out with five 2 litter sodas for free....yahoo...so I am going to continue to look for deals and save my coupons...so that i can save our family money...What a neat program for sure...Here are some pics of us getting all crazy...lol

So here is a bunch of our coupons.....

Here is jesse being a good sport..and helping me cut them all...yahooo

And here is the reaping of the Benefit of couponing.....thank you TLC for showing us the way....lol

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


They did such a great job...at making it look so beautiful!!!

So just this last Sunday...we got the opportunity of celebrating mothers day....What a wonderful day it was...Do you know the reason why mothers day was even celebrated at all...Well it was because...there were many mothers who sons fought in the civil war and died..and it was to bring them together and help in remembrance...The woman who started it was Ann Jarvis...but she didn't get to live to see it established..she passed away..but her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis continued to carry it through...Her mother each year would pass around 500 carnations to all the mothers...So this is where the tradition of wearing a carnation on mothers day came from...they use to only be just white or red...and you wore the white if your mother is dead and red if she was still alive..The date was set to be every second Sunday in may...and in 1934 it was official stamped a holiday...After it became a holiday Anna thought it was getting out of control..she started arguing against people purchasing greeting cards and other things..to give to there mothers...she thought this was to lazy...soon she said she had wished she never carried this out to become a holiday...it had lost its purpose...but today it is one of the biggest retail and purchase for jewelry and flower's and other things for all the moms out there...I thought I would share this story with you ...I thought it to be very interesting....I was so happy to wake up Sunday morning to my kids pulling me out of bed at 5:30 in the morning...to give me breakfast and there gifts they made for me...my husband had to work early this day...and he wanted to make sure I had a wonderful morning before he left...he decorated my tray so beautifully and got the kids all involved in mothers day to help me know how special they each felt for me...I am so glad to be a mother and a wife..to a loving thoughtful husband...Happy Mothers day to all....

my lovely flower that I made to where this mothers day...out of the flowers that they gave for me...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Look who is TWO~!!!!!!!

So two years ago...I was blessed with yet another littler girl...she was just wonderful and has been so full of life...she is always making us laugh and keeps us on our toes...she loves playing peek a boo..and she loves her princess doll's...she enjoys playing with her brother and sisters....and takes turns with them always..they are constantly fighting over who gets to play with her when...it's very cute...and I don't think Melanie minds at all...She loves getting all the attention for sure...She loves singing and dancing...and saying funny phrases...she will say Hellooooo...bayyyyybbbbbeeeee...very cute..and OH No she'll get you...We are so excited to have her in our lives...she had a wonderful birthday...we went and watched logan play T~ball..and then she got to play with her nanna..and then it was cake time...I made her a Ariel Princess cake...it wasn't the best looking..but she loved it...she was just excited that it was a princess!!!!!.....So all in all Happy Birthday Melanie...We love you...

Melanie loves Eating Coco Crispies...She just loves Cereal in General...

What a Cheesier!!!!!!!

Melanie and her Ariel Princess Cake...She just kept saying Princess..the whole time..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mercedi Recorder concert

So sense mercedi this school year..has been in a third and forth grade class...That the school put together because of lack of room and teachers..Mercedi was able to learn to play the recorder this year...they got a new song each week to learn how to play and as they practiced and learned the song they would get a belt a sting that you might say to put on there recorder ...so they earned from a white belt to a black belt...So each week we got to here mercedi learn how to play this instrument...At first it was torcher!!!!!..then she began to get really good at it..and soon she made it all the way on the songs..though they ran out of time to test...She was on her blue belt when the concert started...she was bummed..but she still continued to learn the other songs..and accomplish the belts...This video is of her playing her favorite song...out of them all...it was very quite cute..and fun...She did awesome at it...Way to go mercedi...

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